55 Non-Desk Job Feature: Teacher

After getting some great feedback on our 55 Non-Desk Jobs post, we’ve decided to tackle individual jobs from the list and provide further detail on what that job and its industry entail. Stay tuned as we continue down the list of exciting jobs that don’t require a desk!

A more commonly-encountered job that most people feel they have a firm grasp on, I invite you to read a bit more about what being a teacher truly involves.

Work Environment
The work environment for teachers is generally more standard and uniform than many other jobs on this list. While it doesn’t necessarily require a desk, most classrooms are typically similar to one another, and a teacher will still report to the same place each day.

Safe to say that many people are aware of what a classroom is like: A chalk-board, wipe-board and/or touch-screen is often where notes are written for students’ reference. Tables or desks with chairs are where students will sit. You usually do have a desk, but often won’t sit at it! Classrooms that house younger children are many times more colorful and hold educational toys, sometimes an in-classroom restroom or cubbies for each student. Students at this age are much more dependent on adult supervision.

Depending on your specialty, “classrooms” can vary based on the type of classes being taught. For instance, if you choose to teach industry talents such as culinary skills, your classroom may consist of ovens and refrigerators.

Being a teacher’s aide can be a great way to discover what it’s like in a classroom environment and speak to a qualified teacher about any questions or concerns you may have about the occupation. Teachers specialize in many different age and grade levels about many different subject matters or occupational skills. Certain types of teachers may require additional forms of education (see below).

Teaching doesn’t necessarily apply to only the obvious options of elementary school, high school or college-level education. It can also span public, private, boarding and religious educational institutions, as well as continuing (adult) education. Teachers can also lend their talents to technical and occupational schools, workshops, seminars, online courses or in-field courses (for instance, photography).

Requirements vary by state, so be sure to check the standards set by the state in which you wish to teach. Most states have credentials and certifications based on the level and subject you plan to teach. Students will need to pass the Praxis exam (or similar state test) to become a certified. They will also be required to have a bachelor’s degree in Education. Many of these courses and training programs teach methodology for teaching students with varying learning processes and disabilities as well as individual subjects. For this reason, behavioral and psychological studies are often suggested or essential as well. For higher grade levels—high school and college—one is usually required to hold a degree in the area in which they are teaching. This may consist of a double major or advanced degree.

Salary Range
Salary varies based on education, state, type of school, grade level being taught, responsibilities and more. New teachers can earn an approximate range of $35-50,ooo. Private school teachers tend to get paid a lower salary than public school teachers.

As your experience increases, often so does your salary. Teachers with a master’s degree will earn more than teachers with bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, administering extracurricular activities—being the moderator for student activities such as sports teams, drama & arts groups, etc.—will supplement the salary. Extra teaching, such as tutoring programs and summer schooling can also help to increase a teacher’s income.

Time Commitment
Yes, having the summer months off is a sweet deal, but don’t think that teachers simply have a walk in the park. They are required to set a curriculum (usually to correspond with state testing such as Regents exams). In pre-college classes, a teacher will likely have to fit their lessons within standards set by the state and school board. Lessons should be planned, assignments arranged and given out and quizzes and tests written. When assignments and tests are completed by students, they must be scored and graded. Most of these lessons and grading are not done during school hours. This is when a desk may come into play, but this time-consuming work can usually be done from somewhere other than the office (which can potentially mean sitting in your backyard or in your pajamas). Teachers often put in additional hours with requirements such as parent-teacher conferences, tutoring, school events and class trips.

Job Board (& Praxis Exam Info and Prep)

About the Praxis Exam: http://www.ets.org/praxis/about

Praxis Preparation:
—Praxis Professor: http://www.praxisprofessor.com/
—Test Prep Review: http://www.testprepreview.com/praxis_practice.htm
—Praxis Exam Flashcard Study Guide: http://www.teachercertificationzone.com/praxis-flashcards/
—Study Guide Zone: http://www.studyguidezone.com/praxistest.htm

Job Boards
Education America: http://www.educationamerica.net/
School Spring: http://www.schoolspring.com/
Teacher Jobs: http://www.teacherjobs.com/
Teachers-Teachers: http://www.teachers-teachers.com/
U.S. Department of Education: http://www2.ed.gov/teachers/jobs/find/edpicks.jhtml
Often jobs are listed within state- or county-specific boards as well.

Have anything to add about Teaching jobs or the information above? Let us know! Leave a comment below or email me at feedback@ycdwyl.com with any additions, concerns, job opportunities or questions!

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