7 free Job Interview Preparation iphone apps every job seeker should have

Let’s face it: iPhones have become commonplace in our lives. They make our day-to-day routines efficient, productive and convenient— so why shouldn’t they help us with our job searches as well? Lucky for you, they do! Welcome to our “iPhone Apps for the Job Seeker” Series!

Your job search is a full time job, and we’ve compiled the must-have iPhone apps that every job seeker should have!  Best yet, ALL of these apps are completely FREE.  Each post this week with feature apps from a new category necessary to the job search process:

Finding Available Jobs
Job Interview Prep
Keeping Your Search Organized

 Come back each day for the next list.  Yesterday, we featured Job Search apps.  Next up: Job Interview Preparation!

Free JOB INTERVIEW PREP APPS for the job seeker

1.  What Color is Your Parachute?–Based on the bestselling book
by Richard N. Bolles, this app is an all-in-one resource that helps you prepare for your interview. Complete with advice on how to prepare, how to answer the toughest questions, common mistakes to avoid and more.

2.  101 Great Answers to Toughest Interview Questions—Leave no page unturned as you prepare for the questions you may be asked while in your interview.  This about covers it!  Apply these suggested answers to your own life and give answers that are relevant to you specifically (HR reps can smell a cliché answer a mile away!)

3.  Interview Prep Questions—Displaying questions in the form of a digital flash card, practice your answers by pretending you’re on an interview.  Speaking your answers aloud is a great way to hear what the interviewer will hear.  If you’re stuck, don’t worry,  The app shows you some suggestions for those questions asked.

4.  How to Tie a Tie–Once you get the interview of job, male readers should know how to tie their necktie. Don’t fret: iTie will teach you, step by step (with visual aids) how to master any of 12 major necktie knot styles. One less thing to have to worry about before the big day!

5.  Resume BearResumeBear is a resume delivery and tracking tool.  It allows you to send your resume and receive notification when it’s opened and read.   You will need to first visit their website to create an account, and then you’re set to go!

BONUS: Find Your Way
6.  Hopstop—One of my favorites, on a regular basis.  Have an interview in a major city and aren’t familiar with its transportation system?  Learn the most efficient way to get where you’re going by way of bus, subway, walking or taxi. Enter a current location and destination & Hopstop will tell you where you need to go, including maps and travel time.  It’s like a GPS for the subway system!

7.  Mapquest—If driving, double-check the directions to your interview by using Mapquest.  Some people think this is unnecessary with the prevalence of GPSs, but GPSs aren’t always reliable.  It’s best to have an idea of where you’re going sans computer-voice just in case.


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Nick 03.06.13 at 7:50 am

I recently downloaded an app called “Ace My Job Interview” from app store, it’s very informative and surprisingly good.

Seattle Career Blog 05.04.14 at 10:06 pm

I’m sure that my clients could benefit from having an app to help them prepare for the interview before hand. What a great idea

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